Hi sis, I'll show you creative ways to implement mindfulness. Your love cup will be so high that you can energetically pour onto others.



The Blog

Tools to help you build your own DIY self-care toolkit. it's essential to craft your own in order to experience joy regardless of the circumstances around you.

The #selfcaresunday Appointments 

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 Add creativity and excitement to your self-care rituals, while building meaningful sisterhood with women in your community. All appointments are located in San Leandro, CA

The Mindfulness Workbook

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 Three Simple Ways To Start Living In The Present: Download this free easy-to-follow workbook to start living in the present.


Self-care is like a love chain reaction:
Take care of you + Show up for others = Spread your love and joy to the universe.
P.S. The world needs it.


To pause.
To make space.
To collect your thoughts.
To face the next moment.
To choose.