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A writer, self-care enthusiast, & a DIY fanatic who is dedicated to helping you start putting yourself first.


Can we be real for a second? It all started the moment I noticed holes on the bottom of my moms' shoes.

My mission is to use this platform to spark creativity and exhilaration in women on their journey to inner-peace.

That same day, I walked through my family house in pain, reminiscing about how she put herself last to help others.

Glancing at the kitchen table, I remembered the weekend she spent skipping meals for the sake of her student's papers. As I continued through the living room, I instantly recalled my mother sitting on the floor hot-gluing rhinestones on my pageant dress at 2 am!! (mind you, she had choir later that morning.)

This is what I defined as being a strong black woman with unshakable superpowers! You know, a caring mother who holds it down on behalf of her loved ones.

Many of my favorite memories at home was seeing my mom take the time be still and present in her crafts. When she took the time to engage in activities that made her soul happy, she showed up stronger for her family and friends. 

This experience led me to become obsessed with wanting to know exactly how women mastered the art of self-fulfillment. How did they manage to bounce back from challenging circumstances and still show nothing but love for themselves and their communities?

On my quest to answering these questions, I slowly began building a personalized DIY self-care toolkit. The tools consisted of creative and fun ways to engage in intentional activities that enhanced my overall health: emotional, spiritual and physical. 

Which led me to become a certified mindfulness practitioner.

I continue to revisit the ideology of Buddhism and other mindfulness evidence-based materials to define what it means to live creatively, consciously, and purposefully.

Which leads me to the best part, helping you! My mission is to use this platform to spark creativity and exhilaration in women on their journey to inner-peace.It's a forever process, so why not throw some glitter on it and make it fun? 

The mission is my fuel of love that energizes me to expand humanity. I’m dedicated to showing you how to fill up your love cup so high, that you can selflessly pour it onto others.This is done by sharing evidence-based mindfulness practices, through free content and hosting DIY self-care appointments.


 The goal is to develop habits of being kind to yourself and vigorously experience life in the present moment. Self-care is an essential skill, that can be taught and implanted daily. There’s no one magic pill. Or one single activity that can speed up the process of loving yourself, it’s an ongoing journey. 

I’m happy to share resources from my DIY toolkit so you can craft your own to experience joy regardless of the circumstances around you.There will be nothing but realness and honesty along the way so please don’t expect perfect polish but do expect thought-provoking ideas, homework for implementation and some silly-ness (because why so serious). Remember, the most revolutionary act is to love yourself! I can’t wait to start this journey with you to start living intentionally.

Thank you for getting to know me, girl, I hope this is just the begging of our new friendship, and I’m super excited to get to learn about you. The best way to share and stay connected is to make sure you become one of our B&L sisters, all you have to do is enter your name and e-mail.  You will most likely hear from me on Saturdays for self-discovery tips you can start implementing on #self-caresunday.

Plus, you’ll get an excellent (and free) copy of a mindfulness workbook,Three Simple Ways To Start Living In The Present. Thank you for visiting! Hopefully, it won't be the last. I’m thrilled we connected, and I’m excited for the journey ahead. 

With all my love,