Hey there, My name is Jhanelle I’m the creator of Bodhi and Lace. My brand blossomed out of curiosity. I’m fascinated about the concept that we all have the power to design our own lives.

(Ha! The best way to describe my mind, is like an ongoing Pinterest board, creating visual details for every aspect of my life.)

As a woman of color, I have always been interested in how women freely express their creativity and femininity, despite facing the societal limitations that are projected on us. In addition to the inner challenges one may face throughout their journey i'm eager to know how they stay focus and persevere. 

Here are a few questions that first came to mind.

  •  How in the hell were they able to maintain a balance lifestyle?
  • How do they implement self-care?
  • How do they build inner strength?
  • How do they live a fulfilling and happy life?

 As I started the beginning of my process, I joined online communities where I virtually met countless badass women who are living in their truth.

 At the time, I  listened to podcasts, attended conferences  and digested everything that was being said but failed to apply.

 I had to change my story. It was the only way I can reboot myself to get a fresh lens on what's being taught to me.

 The next question was, okay, how do I track or measure success? Being a visual learner, I have to be hands-on, to see it , and touch it. As I continue to open up to different women I quickly realized I am not alone.

But how could I utilize today's, technology to create sisterhood where we can show up as our true best selves as we grow with one another?

I imagine a space of women of color uniting together reclaiming the way we sip tea. I’m dedicated to design this place where we can comfortably share our process in self-love, mindfulness, while unapologetically creating our style and path. 

 Join me on this adventure!

Located in the SF Bay Area? Create a productive mess with me! Lets link up at Bodhi & Lace DIY meet ups.