How To Engage In Mindfulness By Sharping This One Sense with Janet Campbell

Non- Negotiable Me Time Series


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I know how candles play an important part in our self-care practices. You know, journaling without a candle just doesn't feel right. Owner of Soyful Aromas, Janet Campbell has taught me that there's so much intentionality when it comes to selecting and up-keeping a candle.

During your Non-Negotiable Me Time session, this R&B lover shares:

- Ways to be mindful while being with your candle, (it's cute, she describes them as little friends)

-The benefits of a soy candle

-How to properly take care of your candle

After this episode, you will not look or engage with your candles the same way.

Check out her candles at and Instagram @soyfularomas for self-care inspiration.