The perfect "me time" getaway.

If you're on this page, you most likely made a promise at the beginning of the year to practice more self-care.

With the vow you created for yourself, you most likely searched the web or pin on boards ways to invest in your commitment. This led you to numerous things from #treatyourself to burning a candle in solitude. 

 However, sis, self-care alone is not enough. Building sisterhood brings forth self-awareness and acountability.  No worries girl, we got you covered! 

What is B&L #SelfCareSunday Appointments? 

#Selfcaresunday appointments are monthly in-person workshops that teach evidence-based mindfulness practices to women who want more intentionality in their daily lives. The monthly themed, learning space ranges from gratitude, self-dating, and much more!

Whether if you're in the beginning stages or already implementing a few mindfulness practices, our #SelfCareSunday Appointments is designed to add creativity and excitement to your self-care rituals, while building meaningful connections with other women in your community. 



I felt centered, focus, and relax. I felt like for that moment I had no worries.

“ The crafting put us in such a relax state that conversation flowed freely. We felt compel to share personal stories with one another. There's a sense of commeraery trying something new together. ”

— E.S.


How does it work?

Each month you will be notified when your #SelfCareSunday Appointment is set up for you.Appointment consistent of

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A relaxing environment to cultivate the mind to be still, become aware of thoughts, emotions, and bodies in a non-judgemental way. 

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Prompts to bring forth self-awareness by stepping out of your experiences to gain a new perspective

DIY is more than crafting; it's a meditating technique to bring forth creativity while experiencing flow and discipline. 



Your self-care sanctuary is waiting.

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