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Let’s talk about truly designing our lives. Shall we? Bodhi & Lace circles starts with the internet and ends with face-to-face interactions. Uniting once a month, our space is for women of color who can arrive unapologetically, to express their creativity and femininity while empowering oneself and neighbor to design a life with no limits. Think of it as a once a month appointment to practice self-care.

The hands on experience: United we nourish to flourish

The monthly gatherings brings us together to immerse in intentional DIY projects  and activities that can be utilized in our daily efforts to become our higher selves. Reclaiming how we “sip tea”, we dive into fulfilling conversations to discuss ways how we have the power to bring our visions into existences through practicing mindfulness.

Self-mastery is a journey, so why not add glitter, sisterhood, and fun along the way. Join the sisterhood circle, there's a seat waiting for you!


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