Meet The Blending Queen Who Believes Empowerment Starts in Our Fridge

  Courtesy  Of  Green Lid  | Andrea Talley- CEO and founder of Green Lids 

Courtesy Of Green Lid | Andrea Talley- CEO and founder of Green Lids 

What if I told you there is a powerful food that will give you life! LITERALLY. No, wait seriously, this isn’t a fad detox that has short-term benefits. I’m talking about vegetables that are accessible at your local markets. Girl, you've guessed it (and if you haven't that's okay, I was going to tell you anyway) leafy greens.

There's a saying, drink a green smoothie a day, to take the pain away. This motto pretty much describes Green Lids CEO and founder, Andrea Talley's mission to empower Bay Areans to take control of their health choices.

What's Talley's secret formula? Making organic foods accessible to communities of color through blending greens. Adding more veggies and fruits to your diet could boost focus attention, decrease inflammation, and prevent chronic diseases as well as some cancers.

According to dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale are the most nutrient dense group of raw vegetables. Here's the twist about throwing this particular food in a blender. If it wasn't for the sharp blades infusing the herbaceous plants, then the vital nutrients would have just been stored in the unchewed food. Not inside our bodies like it deserves.

Let me tell you. There is more to superfoods. The 31-year-old explains the spiritual connection to digesting the greens and the misconception of selecting poor leafs.

“Leafy greens take sunlight and they turn it into energy," the entrepreneur said."So when you're eating it, you're eating the sun's energy, that's why greens are life."


Talley continued by adding, any green is better than no greens: spinach, kale, and romaine, including iceberg. 

The owner of Green Lid did not magically wake up one day and turn into a leaf specialist. 

  Courtesy  Of  Green Lid

Courtesy Of Green Lid

Her journey consists of three significant stages in her life which guided her on the path to spreading the message that health comes from the food we eat.

 Talley’s story started off with pain, however, she turned the discomfort into green medicine that we all can benefit from.

Stage 1: How Going Raw Healed an Allergic Reaction

At the age of 25, the green leaf expert was experiencing severe acne "that was so painful that the word acne did not do it justice."
She sought guidance from a dermatologist who only offered temporary solutions, such as pills. It wasn't until years later the entrepreneur consulted a nutritional health doctor who suggested to only eat raw fruit and vegetables for three months to reset her digestive system. 

Through the process, she observed it was dairy that was the root of the problem. 

"It wasn't until I was trying to eat cheese until it(acne) was coming back and I thought oh that's what it is," said Talley. 

  Courtesy  Of  Green Lid

Courtesy Of Green Lid

As Talley kept it real, she confirmed it wasn't a graceful glide in the park. She experienced withdrawals and expressed that it was a challenge adjusting to the raw lifestyle which conflicted with her professional lifestyle. Even so, going raw "forced" her to learn nutritional health and create a diet that works best for her body. 

She shared all the benefits it brought to her. She felt lighter, energized, and clean on the inside. 

Talley enjoyed detecting the quickest ways to gain nutrients for her body.

Stage 2:  Embracing her new diet while serving mommies

The 31-year-old began to find her love for blending greens. Yet, she wasn't the only one who was fascinated by the green drinks; her pregnant sister was drinking it "like a fish." Next thing you know, her sister's friends couldn't get enough of the greens. 

There it was, her ah-ha moment. Talley then realized folks could possibly purchase her drinks. In 2011, her schedule started to expand. The entrepreneur was coming home from her 9 to 5, working her way to the market to purchase greens, next,  pouring them into mason jars and lastly, delivering them to 10-12 customers. 

It wasn't the money that kept her drive.  The leaf specialist began to ask herself thoughtful questions such as, will it be possible to expand her target market outside of moms? and how will green drinks resonate with people? 

A dear friend, Jay, who lives in the Bay Area was peeping images of her smoothies on social media. He called her to assure that there's a market in the Bay and she would thrive. 

Stage 3: The move to The Bay- The birth of Green Lid

With utilizing his connections, Jay helped Talley start up a small smoothie bar serving only vegan drinks. 

She reminisced about the countless nights of testing smoothies. The entrepreneur shared the most important lessons she learned and gave a piece of advice for anyone who dreams of starting a business. 

  Courtesy  Of  Green Lid  |

Courtesy Of Green Lid |

 “Move forward, if you have an idea do not let anything stop you from trying it," said Talley.  "Whats the alternative? wishing you could have done it, do not let fear stop you."

Although she enjoyed the experience, her intuition was telling her the restaurant method was not the right way to go. 

Trusting her heart,  she shuts the restaurant down, and took the year off. Today, Talley serves people in cooperate while building her new brand. 

 “If you really believe or have this vision or thing you want to pull out of you to give to the world. Don't stop,” Said Talley.

Nothing has stopped her. Talley became innovative and sparked an idea to push her mission forward by making green smoothies accessible for communities of color. 

According to a study, one in four African American families is food insecure (which means not having consistent access to adequate food due to lack of money or other resources), compared with 11 percent of White households.

Talley began to open the dialogue on how black communities lack education due to lack of resources. She further explains how the fast food industry markets to low-income communities. 

Orange Mango_004_Advanced.jpg

The green expert is currently allowing her heart to guide her to fulfill her mission to educate communities of color about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She's currently developing a product which is more accessible. 

 Talley believes the freezer aisle is the next step.  She studying ways on how to make concentrated smoothies that maintains the integrity of the product. 

She expresses this product can be whipped up in the comfort of your home and brought with you on the go.

"The Big message I want people to know is your diet is what contributing to heart diseases. People have the power to prevent those types of diseases and it has to do with what you buy at the grocery store, what you buy at fast food restaurants, what you stock in your cabinets, and your refrigerator. That's where it is. So we have power." - Andrea Talley 


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