The Sassboxx Review and Q &A With Creator Behind The Pink Box - Everyday Lifestyle Essentials That Taps Into Your Magic

 Sassboxx was sent for free for a product review. Opinions are honest and can be trusted as my own.  

Sassboxx was sent for free for a product review. Opinions are honest and can be trusted as my own.  

Imagine a cute pink box stuffed with products produced by women of color at your doorstep every month. 

Well, it exists!  Sassboxx is a monthly subscription service, providing clients beauty and lifestyle essentials with a mission for customers to practice self-care. 

Starting at $20 the pink box can be featured with items by Shea Moisture, Beautie Brownie, Lisa Lacquer, Olive it Boutique and more.

This Sassy Subscription caught my attention as I strolled down Bodhi & Lace's Instagram timeline, of course,  the color of the box caught my eye first however though further research I was fascinated that there is a business that celebrates WOC entrepreneurs.

As I opened my SassBoxx I admired the wrapping of gold metallic polka dots! Which even made me more excited to take a peek inside. As I dug in, I discovered my welcome to the Sass community note that asked me what kind of Sass I am. The options were: trill, ratchet, sophisticated, sophistiratchet (you can be both), cute, pretty, or blessed. Of course, I selected all the above, it's always hard for me to put myself in one box. 

Items featured matches and a scented candle by LIT BKLYN, two containers of shea butter by Miracle Butters, a fabulous black rhinestone compact mirror by #GlowBaby Glow, and a Sass pink tote and bracelet. 

I couldn't take my nose away from Miracle Butters by Samira. The raw shea butter is blended with 

  • scented oil
  • black castor oil
  • chamomile oil
  • coconut oil
  • avocado oil
  • olive oil

This magical skin moisturizer felt super smooth as I applied to the surface, leaving it with a light yet fresh smell. It definitely tackled the ash on the skin. 

Who's behind the pink box? I had the pleasure of interviewing the creator ofSassboxx, Sapphira Martin. Sassboxx has been featured on BET-Centric's, Queen Boss, a competition of eighteen black business women who pitch their business to win $25,000 cash prize and the title of ‘Queen Boss.’  The entrepreneur is currently a co-host of a new podcast, Black Girl Podcast (details with a new interview hopefully coming soon, fingers crossed)

Check out the Q&A with New York resident Sapphira Martin . See what inspired her below. 

 Women in Charge- Owner of SASSBOXX 27-year-old  Sapphira Martin

Women in Charge- Owner of SASSBOXX 27-year-old Sapphira Martin

Q: How did you discover the concept of creating SASSBOXX ?

A: I decided to begin SASSBOXX because I saw a need in the market for the service. There are many boxes out there. Specifically for women of color, but they are all niche and don't necessarily cater to the lifestyles of being women of color.  

Q: I love the tote bag I received inside my box that stated “Educated sass, Ratchet sass, etc. Define Sass in your own words.

A:  Simply put, SASS is confidence. It's about how you wear it, flaunt it, etc. 

Q: Do you feel as if representation is important, what are some black women entrepreneurs that inspire you?

A:  Representation is super important because it helps us as women & black women to move forward. Once we see our sister doing it big, it pushes us in a motivational way to step our game up for our other sister. Some entrepreneurs that inspire me are my mom, aunts, Myleik Teele, Karen Civil, Necole of XONecole & so many more.

Q: Why is it important for black women to tap into their magic?

A: It's super important for black women to tap into our magic so that we know we possess the power to change the world. Albeit sound cliche, we really have one of the strongest sisterhoods known to man. Think about our ancestors and how they worked together to keep their families together and making sure everyone was okay, we carry that legacy today and it's rich and powerful that it's led us straight to the White House, executive offices, tv, radio, etc.

Q: How does Sassboxx offer the essentials to tap into black girl magic?

A: We offer what everyone likes and wants every day; her favorite lipstick, nail polish, coffee mugs, fragrance, candles etc. things you won't leave home without. 

Q: How do you seek partners for sass box and are they all black owned businesses?

A: I've created partnerships for SASSBOXX via friendships, Instagram, email or in person meetings at festivals.

Q: In your words, how long did it take you to establish your business? 

A: I'm evolving and establishing my business every day. I thought about it for a year and then in January 2016 finally launched.

Q: How often do you practice, seek, or dedicate your time for self-improvement?

A: Every single day! lol it's super important to have faith in something and or mediate. It helps balance me. Especially with everything going on in the world and our country. It's important to take care of home first. Treat yo self girl!!

Q: On your website, you mentioned: “We understand that women can be busy but maintaining and treating themselves is still VERY important to them.”Why is self-care important to you and what ways do you practice self-care?

A: Self-care is important because as a black woman the odds try to be against you at all costs. You're already carrying the weight of the world!! I pray, meditate, dance, write, go for mental break walks just to clear my mind. If everything stayed in my head I'd explode DAILY! 

Q: What are ways you stay motivated on a daily basis?  Please describe your daily routine?

A: I like to write MOTIVATION to myself and my power circle of friends. It helps me to stay encouraged by sending notes of affirmation to myself and others. 

Q: From the looks on your social media site without a doubt, you are a goal digger. How often do you spend time on your business and what is some advice you can give to other women entrepreneur about staying consistent?

A: After working a full day of work I come home to a full night of my business. It's important to grind and stay consistent for what you want in life.

Q: Have you planned any events for your brand, if so, what was the community's reaction?

A: Yes, and in the next year I plan to have events monthly. Everyone loves the brunches! 

Q: What are some future plans in store for Sassboxx?

A: More events, more celebrity curated boxes and more sassiness!

Q: How do you express your femininity and creativity?

A: Through my work and business I am all about the feminist movement and spreading that!

Jhanelle Rivera